вторник, 10 января 2012 г.

Thank you!

I want to thank Infanta for creating this bloggers link exchange chain!
The rules are pretty simple:

 Thank the person who created award adding a link in your blog.
 Make a list of  7 blog lins with short comment that you want to share with others.
Don't forget to put award logo.
White 7 interesting facts about yourself.
My blog links are:
1. Natasha Ndlovu. Model, photographer and blogger who shares her fashion finds, travels and humor on Snowblackblog
2. Daria Bessonova who shares her daily inspirations at Viveme
3. who was the first ukrainian whose blog i began to read. You always can join her at V's style
4. Julia with her amazing recipes and outfits from Garderob-chic
5.Elena Vasilieva
6.Editor, fashion columnist,blogger and just bright star. Ulia Ali from Viewfromheels
7.Alina Anghel who shares her personal beautiful  inspirations at Provocative Couture

 I  wish i could make the list at least 5-times longer)

7 facts about me:
I've never been a smoker.
I have huge belts collection that i'm going to share with you someday. I've been wearing belts from early childhood (over flannel tiny robe at the age of 4, can you imagine))))
I dream of London before Paris. But French is my fav. language.
I have passion for cooking. My favourite chief and personal inspiration is Jamie Oliver and i love italian cuisine. I dream about my own restaurant.
I deliver all kinds of amazing things from USA and EU (in Ukraine only). Its what i do for living.
I can't imagine myself without singing and playing Lady Gaga as well as Сhopin. I dream about grand piano at home.
I am 25.

Have a great day :) 
Kiss and hug!

5 комментариев:

  1. очень нравится твоя идея! сделаю то же самое)

  2. Thank you dear! I`m glad you enjoy my blog. Yours is wonderful as well. xx


  3. спасибоо!уруруру... две награды за два дня - дико приятно!)))

  4. Спасибо большое! Я совсем не ожидала <3 Мне очень очень приятно :* Обязательно опубликую завтра отдельным постом ;)



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